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Happy's Page! FINALY!

Welcome! As of now, I have a page! Hi! *grin* I'm a Furry! So what is a Furry? Well, um.... a furry is..... er... you ever see Bugs Bunny? Duh, of course you have unless you've been living under a pebble all your life. Well, Bugs Bunny is a great example of a furry, opposable thumb, walks on two legs, smarter that most humans... and that, in a nut shell, is what a furry is! Now, I'M a furry.... but I'm not realy a wolf. (but I'd like to be) I'm a furry fan. But I'm also called a furry too. Now your probly thinking, "Whats this guy on? And whatever it is, can I have some?" But hey! We dont care what most others think. Most furs are shy and quiet in real life. But in the company of other furs we open up. I resently went to ConFurence 9 at the Buena Park hotel and had the time of my life! ConFurence is the annual convention for furrys. It took a little while to ajust but when I got used to it I had a real blast! Some things that we did were watching furry movies, chit chatting, playing games, and the sort. I plan to be at next years con in San Deigo. Some other things that are furry are books (the RedWall series), comics, art, games, movies, cartoons, short storys, ect. Well now, on with the links! A few of my favorite furry things.

A few of my favorite furry things

Captan Packrat's fur central: more furry info
FurNation: another furry art archive... not all clean. you've been warned.
Mia's Anthro storys: Short storys. some are naughty. =)
Furcadia: A graphic furry chat program
Vurtual Vikki's Treehouse: all kinda neat stuff
FurryMUCK: telnet MUCK where all the hip furs go
ConFurence: ConFurence homepage
fur code: The furry code
FurCode v1.3: Another Furry Code generator
MSTing on Ghost Planet: The Mobius Chronicles #2: If your a furry, Space Ghost, or MST3K fan, you GOTTA see this!
The Furry Birthday Page: A list of the birthdays of many Furs! Look for mine!

OK, OK. I'll add more links as I come accross more sites.... But for now, heres a bit more about me. I'm 19, live in So. CA and am a furry. I have red hair, freckles (grin) and I'm a skinny nerd!!! woohoo! My E-mail is: and my ICQ # is: 818399. So talk to me if ya want to!! go right ahead! =^,,^= I play all kindsa FREE games, chat on Yiffnet and FurryMUCK. I amm now holding Dragon Storm games over ICQ! If you are intrested please contact me!

This sucker here is my fur code, you can click on it to see what it means and make a code of your own! =^.,^=

My Furry Code
FCW4a A- C D++ H+ M+ P+ R T+++ W- Z Sm+ RLU a19 c+ d$ e- f+++ h* iwf++ j++ p+ sm-

Else where on my page

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Gamer stuff
Con news and reviews
Art Gallary
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